An intimate bistro-style restaurant where community and sustainability are served fresh by a badass chef. 

Food Menu
Greenhouse tomato, cucumber, radish and feta salad with red wine vinaigrette and crostini $9
Crêpe stuffed with Matane shrimp (Gaspé) and homemade ricotta $14
Beet carpaccio, summer preserved artichokes and feta cheese $9
Crostini asperges, têtes de violon, ricotta maison $12
Trout (Gaspé) beet and gin gravlax, shallot lemon dill ricotta $14
Sauteed mushrooms of the week (400 pieds), homemade ricotta crostini and salad $11
Fried arancinis with chipotle cream sauce $11
Asparagus leek carrot cream soup $8
Sous vide beef (Patch Farm), beer sauce and mashed potatoes $16
Crispy chicken (Patch Farm) "relleno negro" of Merida (mx) and black rice $12
Scallops (Gaspé), lemon butter and black rice 14$
All plates served with Blés de Pays artisanal bread
Lemon olive oil cake, rhubarb maple compote and greenhouse strawberries $8
Wine, Beer and cocktail available
Sundays there is a Japanese pop up available please text chef Oku directly (778)319-1397 Instagram: OHMIS.O
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