An intimate bistro-style restaurant where community and sustainability are served fresh by a badass chef. 

Food Menu
Pumpkin and coconut cream soup with parmesan croutons and fried leeks $7
Sauteed mushroom and homemade ricotta crostini $7
Tilapia fish (Gaspé), white wine nut garlic scape sauce rutabaga potato mashed and roasted vegetables $30
Sautéed mushrooms of the week (400 pieds), homemade gnocchi, mushroom stock, brown butter sage, greenhouse tomatoes and roasted vegetables. $30
Grilled french Roast beef steaks (Patch Farm), yellow beet butter, carrot puree and shoe string french fries $32
This weeks vegetables by Les Jardins épicés
All plates served with Blés de Pays artisanal bread
Shiitake mushroom crème brûlée $9
Wine and Beer available
Street food for takeout, from Thursday to Saturday
Homemade chorizo vegetarian or pork "torta" (sandwich), toppings and refried beans $12
Salad of the day $5
Lunch (Thursday and Friday) Torta and salad $17
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